Kaspersky Endpoint Security

The leading multi-layered endpoint protection platform, based on Next Gen cybersecurity technologies

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The Product

Kaspersky Lab technologies and threat intelligence continuously evolve to protect your business from even the latest, most sophisticated threats and exploits, including targeted attacks, with optimum security performance and minimal impact on speed or resources. Our unique integrated security, built in-house as a single, fully scalable platform, pulses continuously at the heart of your IT infrastructure, delivering powerful endpoint protection no software conflicts and no security gaps.

What We Offer

At the core of your security strategy, the most powerful and effective endpoint protection engine in the industry, as continuously confirmed through independent tests. Layer upon layer of proactive, intelligent protection intermeshes to provide powerful, resilient defenses against the most sophisticated known, unknown and advanced cyberthreats.

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Advanced Threat Protection

    Our leading technologies, harnessing HuMachine® intelligence, work together to protect your endpoints from cyberthreats

  • Endpoint Control

    Endpoint Control

    Easy and effective centralized web, device and application controls reduce your attack surface and help keep users safe

  • Critical Server Protection

    Critical Server Protection

    Advanced protection against cyberthreats including ransomware has been developed specifically for high performance corporate servers

  • Ransomware and Exploits Prevention

    Ransomware and Exploits Prevention

    Powerful behavioral analysis helps prevent ransomware attacks, fileless threats and exploits

  • Reliable Data Protection

    Reliable Data Protection

    FIPS 140.2 certified full disk encryption helps fully protect confidential data on fixed and mobile devices

In Use

Time-Proven Machine Learning Based Protection

With a 20 year history of technological innovation, we initially adopted Machine Learning (ML) back in 2008. In 2010, we launched our Heuristic in-Lab Auto-Analyst with automatic ML-based sample clustering. 2011 saw In-Lab ML-powered Smart Record creation using Decision Trees etc. Coming shortly - Random Forest-based ML detection models, delivered to work on the user's side. We apply ML based on both static and dynamic data technologies - this is how we protect you even from future threats.

Comprehensive Control for Every Endpoint

Our continually evolving security technologies are further enhanced by powerful control and data protection tools. Fully automated application control with dynamic whitelisting and Default Deny significantly minimizes the risk of zero-day attacks, while full-featured device control helps protect your systems and data, so you control which devices are allowed to access your network. Individual endpoint access to inappropriate or unnecessary websites can also be controlled and blocked.

Multiple Protection Layers to Prevent All Forms of Cyberthreat

Fully securing every endpoint against every form of advanced cyberthreat is critical. Only through adopting a multi-layered approach can you hope to fully protect every single endpoint within and beyond your perimeter. Based on unequalled sources of real-time threat intelligence, our technologies integrate and interlock seamlessly for complete 'gapless' security, while continuously evolving to protect your business from even the latest, most sophisticated threats, including zero-day exploits.

Automated Vulnerability Detection and Distribution of Patches

Unpatched vulnerabilities in popular applications are one of the biggest threats to business IT security. But stretched resources and escalating systems complexity can make effective patching a challenge. By centralizing and automating essential security and configuration and management tasks, such as vulnerability assessment, patch and update distribution, inventory management and application rollouts, Kaspersky Vulnerability and Patch Management not only saves time, but optimizes security.

Advanced Protection for High Perfomance Corporate Servers

A single infected file on your corporate server can spread throughout your network, doing untold damage. Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides cost-effective, reliable, scalable security for shared file storage, with minimal impact on resources. Powerful Application Launch Control combined with Global Threat Intelligence and Anti-Cryptor functionality adds further layers of advanced security, protecting both critical data and backup files on corporate storages and servers.

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