Kaspersky Threat Hunting

Hands-on detection of advanced threats by our security analysts

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Most security teams take an ‘alert-driven' approach to cybersecurity incidents, reacting only after an incident has already taken place. Meanwhile, new threats move in under the radar, leaving you with, literally, a false sense of security. Business is increasingly recognizing the need to proactively hunt out threats lying undiscovered but still active within corporate infrastructures.

What We Offer

Kaspersky Threat Hunting Services help uncover advanced threats hiding inside your organization, using teams of highly qualified and experienced security professionals applying proactive threat hunting techniques. Services include:

  • Kaspersky Managed Protection

    Kaspersky Managed Protection

    Round-the-clock monitoring and continuous analysis of cyberthreat data by Kaspersky Lab experts.

  • Targeted Attack Discovery

    Targeted Attack Discovery

    Know whether you are currently under attack, how and by whom, how is it affecting your systems and what you can do about it.

In Use

Maximize the value of your Kaspersky Lab security solutions

Kaspersky Managed Protection hunts down cyberthreats to your organization. Our security experts continuously monitor the operations of your Kaspersky Endpoint Security and/or Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform installations, proactively collecting and analyzing metadata on network and systems activity for any signs of an active or impending attack. The service delivers fully managed, individually tailored ongoing detection, protection and investigation.

Identify current cyber-espionage activity in your network

Targeted Attack Discovery sevice will enable you to identify current cybercriminal and cyber-espionage activity in your network, to understand the reasons behind and possible sources of these incidents, and plan effective mitigation activities that will help avoid similar attacks in future. The result are designed to tell you:

  • Whether you are currently under attack, how, and by who
  • How this attack is affecting your systems, and what you can do about it
  • How best to prevent further attacks

Enjoy new levels of cyber-immunity through our unique expertise:

  • Kaspersky Lab’s unequalled threat-hunting experience-base
  • Our cloud reputational database fed by analytical data from more than 100 million nodes worldwide
  • The work of our world-renowned GReAT (Global Research and Analysis) team

This unique repository of real time threat intelligence and expertise, enabling us to detect and investigate increasingly complex and technologically advanced threats, is focused specifically on the ongoing security of your IT infrastructure.

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