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    What is Malicious Code?

    Industry definition for the term Malicious Code. Malicious code is computer code that causes security breaches to damage a computing system. It's a type of threat…

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    What is Cloud Antivirus?

    Industry definition for the term Cloud Antivirus. Cloud antivirus programs offload antivirus workloads to a cloud-based server, rather than bogging down a user's computer…

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    What is a Warhol Worm?

    The Warhol Worm is a rapidly-replicating computer virus that can infect your system in as little as 15 minutes. Learn more about the virus and how to protect your computer.

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    What is Macro Virus? - Definition

    Industry definition for the term Macro Virus. A macro virus is a computer virus that alters or replaces a macro, which is a set of commands used by programs to perform...

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    What is Scareware?

    Industry definition for the term Scareware. Scareware is malicious software that tricks computer users into visiting malware-infested websites. Also known as deception…

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    Beta Bot Nedir?

    Beta Bot 2013'ün başlarında ortaya çıkmıştır, ancak FBI'ın İnternet Suçları bölümüne göre son görülen kötü amaçlı tehditler arasında tekrar ortaya çıkmıştır

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    What is a Web Filter?

    Industry definition for the term Web Filter. A Web filter, which is commonly referred to as "content control software", is a piece of software designed to restrict what websites a user can visit on his or her computer.

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    Ezula nedir?

    Ezula teriminin sektördeki tanımı. Ezula (bazen "eZula" olarak da yazılır) bir tarayıcı yardımcısı nesnesinin (BHO) parçası olarak yüklenen bir tür reklam yazılımıdır.

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    What is Metamorphic Virus?

    Industry definition for the term Metamorphic Virus. A metamorphic virus is one that can transform based on the ability to translate, edit and rewrite its own code.

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    What is Pharming & How to Prevent it?

    Industry definition for the term Pharming. The term "pharming" is a portmanteau of the words "phishing" and "farming," used because one form of this cybercrime…

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